Femmes philippines : le feu et l'eau en un. Caractéristiques et mentalité

La femme philippine, comment est-elle ? La première chose qui attire l'attention est sa silhouette. Une femme philippine dodue qui ne prend pas soin d'elle-même est un non-sens. Ils sont généralement minces, gracieux et pas grands. Ils ont une peau légèrement basanée, voire bronzée, des cheveux noirs et des yeux noisette brûlants. Il est intéressant de noter que la femme philippine se distingue facilement dans la foule. Cependant, elle n'a pas de traits distinctifs de race comme les femmes chinoises, espagnoles ou russes. La beauté de la femme philippine fascine, elle est toujours insolite, ravissante et exotique. Vous rencontrerez à peine une femme philippine ordinaire. Leur apparence formée par les siècles. Elles ont du sang espagnol, quelque chose de chinois, des traits africains et des traits des femmes européennes. La fusion raciale a fait sa part : vous ne trouverez nulle part une telle variété de femmes d'apparence différente au sein d'une même nationalité, sauf aux Philippines. Lorsque vous voyez la Philippine pour la première fois, vous pouvez la confondre avec une Espagnole ou une Chinoise, mais en y regardant de plus près, vous comprendrez qui est devant vous. Il y a quelque chose de mystérieux et d'attirant en eux.

La famille et la religion

Les femmes philippines sont très dévouées à leurs familles, qui sont généralement très nombreuses dans ce pays. Avoir moins de 3 à 4 enfants est considéré comme anormal. Cela peut paraître étrange, mais les femmes qui ont donné naissance à quatre ou cinq enfants parviennent à conserver d'excellentes figures. Les filles et les femmes vivent généralement avec leur famille jusqu'à ce qu'elles se marient. Même si une femme a plus de trente ans et qu'elle est une personne bien établie et bien établie capable de louer une chambre ou une maison, elle préfère généralement rester avec ses parents et de nombreux proches. Les femmes philippines ont du respect pour les aînés dans le sang; ils ne font jamais de remarques acerbes sur les personnes âgées, même si ces personnes leur sont étrangères. Ils sont bien intentionnés, souriants et prêts à vous aider à tout moment.

Les Philippins ont des relations très solides entre parents. Si en Europe et en Amérique nous ne connaissons souvent pas nos cousins, chevilles et fourmis, la situation ici est bien différente. Tous les parents une fois et deux fois éloignés, de nombreux neveux, cousins, grands-mères et grands-pères entretiennent généralement des relations assez étroites. Une telle proximité entre les parents peut être un inconvénient. Cela arrive parfois quand une fille philippine se marie, son mari soutient non seulement sa femme et ses enfants mais aussi ses parents et ses sœurs. En revanche, il peut compter sur leur aide dans une situation difficile.

Contrairement à l'Europe et à l'Amérique, les cas où une fille sort secrètement avec un homme de ses parents sont très rares aux Philippines. Dès qu'un admirateur apparaît dans la vie de la fille, elle lui fait connaître sa famille. Sinon, la famille ne voudra pas que cet homme soit le partenaire de leur fille pour la vie. S'il n'a pas souhaité faire connaissance avec la famille, il peut difficilement être une personne digne avec des intentions sérieuses.

Philippine women are very religious. Usually they belong to Catholics or Orthodoxs. Their belief is not official or showy. Going to church on weekends is a norm for them rather than a hard duty.

Filipino women usually go to church with their parents of friends. If a girl marries a man of another belief, she can easily take his belief. This is not because of their lightheadedness, the Filipino woman is ensured she must obey her husband and always follow him whatever may happen.

What is amazing, the Filipino bride combines obedience with a striking pragmatism and cunningness. If there is something she doesn't like, she will not say it directly making a quarrel. She will behave to obtain what she needs or likes keeping you ensured she have followed your words and advice.

Filipino Culture in Everyday Life

Filipino ladies are obedient and unpredictable. On the one hand, the man is lord for them whom they strictly obey. At the same time, they are very cunning and know how to get what they want. They are perfectly able to conceal their feelings and intentions, they can test partner for a long time before they open their heart to him. The man is officially the head of the family, but actual power can be in the hands of the woman who knows perfectly what she wants and how to achieve it. She will use all the methods to achieve it; however, it will seem like the man has the last word. Many people are ensured that the Filipino woman thinks one move ahead. It is especially demonstrated in her relationship with people. She can be pleasing and smiling, but she has hidden benefit of such behavior. However, you may not worry that she will do harm to you to have this benefit. She will most probably try to find this benefit in everything. Despite their conservatism, more and more Filipino women choose foreigners as husbands. It can be partially explained by the fact that European and American men are more attractive than Filipino men and probably more generous. However, the fact remains that it is easier for a foreigner to win the heart of the Filipino woman than for her fellow country man.

Filipino girls have very serious attitude to relationship. They will do their best to strengthen marriage, and if the marriage is at risk, they will try to preserve it to the end. They never prefer career to children. They will not postpone having a child from year to year giving arguments that pregnancy, delivery and breastfeeding may spoil their figures. Contrariwise, they envision their mission in giving birth to children and living family life. Family support is usually man's issue. If there is such an opportunity, the Filipino woman will gladly leave her job to dedicate herself to family. They love children very much and are ready to spend most of their time taking care of their children and upbringing them.

When it comes to housekeeping, the Filipino woman is a perfect wife. She is very hard-working. House cleaning is more the everyday necessity than a hard duty, she finds its charm in it. In other words, it's a pleasure for her to do housework. The same is true for cooking. They are good cookers. Most often they cook oriental or Asian dishes, but if the husband wishes, they can learn to cook his favorite meals. As it has already been said, Filipino women are family oriented. Therefore, all husband's wishes are taken into account.

Bedroom duties are not actually duties for them. Filipino women love sex and all its manifestations very much. You will feel yourself like a king appeased by a hetaera ready to perform your every wish. Filipino women are very passionate, combustible and always ready for love. They don't make excuses for headache and fatigue, they believe love is able to heal everything. However, Filipino women are very conservative; therefore, you shouldn't expect they be very inventive and exotic in bed. However, if you propose to try something new, they will gladly agree to such an experiment. With all their passion and love for sex, they are very faithful and do not look at other men when married.

A particular feature of the Filipino women is that they love to sleep. They sleep much more than European or American women. However, they wake up very fast. You will not need to wait for an hour till she turns from sleepy into cheerful and smiling. They become wakeful in a moment. Once she opened her eyes, she is ready for actions: cleaning, cooking or love. Filipino women are full of zest. They seldom cry, feel down, or fall into depression. Contrariwise, they are ready to enjoy every trifle. No matter whether she is ill, pregnant or tired, she will be smiling and enjoying life, communicating her optimism and zest for life to you.